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Do not let the cold weather and upcoming holidays stop you from living a health happy life. Look at the calendar and join me for a fun and high calorie burn workout through spin class.  Let’s get ChitaFit!



ChitaFit #30Days

I am using the month of May to take my ChitaFit to another level and decrease my fat percentage. When I was working out with my trainer Cornell McClean, he taught me that my body is a machine that needs it’s nutrients to operate. A lot of times we do not eat enough throughout the day and therefore, do not lose weight. 2000 calories is only the bear minimum the body needs to operate not necessarily the goal for everybody to focus on consuming.

I will start with eating 2700 calories and then decrease every week in May by 100 calories. I am doing this so that my body will know that I will not stave it and therefore my body can let me work with my stored fat cells.chitafit30 pix

Week One – 2700 Calories
Week Two – 2600 Calories
Week Three – 2500 Calories
Week Four – 2400 Calories



The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is continuing her work with getting Americans healthy by creating a campaign to drink more water. In the video above, the FLOTUS mentions that our bodies are 70 percent water and she encourages everyone to choose to recharge with water.

Michelle Obama has teamed up with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to help spread the message. (1) PHA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that is led by some of the nation’s most respected health and childhood obesity advocates.

The First Lady, Michele Obama is the organization’s honorary chair, and she works with honorary vice-chairmen William H. Frist (a former senator of Maryland) and Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark.

The campaign cites drinking more water as the single best thing you can do to start a healthy lifestyle, even if you start by increasing your water intake by one glass daily.

Celebrities like Eva Longoria have also signed on to join the Drink Up campaign.


Personally, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces of water a day. I believe that drinking this amount of water helps my skin to be soft and also helps cleanse my body of toxins. Although there isn’t a set number of ounces that is necessary for the human body, I believe it is safe to say that we need more than 8 glasses.

Lack of water can you leave you with a lot of issues (constipated, thirsty, hungry, dry skin and hair, etc.).

Start your pledge of drinking more water by posting a picture of yourself drinking water on Instragram with hashtag #drinkH2O and #ChitaFit.

#drinkH20 #ChitaFit





ChitaFit – Jump Rope like the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS)

I am such a fan of our First Lady Michelle Obama and all she represents. If you read my bio, you know the FLOTUS was my motivation that started me on my healthy lifestyle. I have a jump rope and its great for my home workouts.

Go buy a jump rope and work this routine (below) in your schedule at least twice a week. You will feel the burn throughout your entire body. Watch the video below as the FLOTUS clearly kicks Dr. Oz’s butt in jumping rope.


Regular jump rope – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Kris Cross jumping – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Move forward and backwards – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Jump side to side – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Double jumping – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

*Bonus – open and close your legs while jumping – 2 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Workout Mistakes — What NOT to do in your ChitaFit workouts

There are so many good fitness health websites out on the Internet that it can be overwhelming for beginners or for those trying to renew their fitness goals after a long break. I visit a lot of health websites and read tons of fitness magazine. I like to visit a couple times of week to find interesting new facts about healthy living.

I’ve posted a quick reference and link to a full article that explains the three most common mistakes people make when trying to be more fit. The article details why the mistakes are considered mistakes and how they work to slow your metabolism over time. Keep these fitness faux pas in mind and prevent them from distracting you in your health goals.

The three mistakes are:

  • Getting stuck in an exercise rut – When doing the same workouts, your body gets adjusted to them and then they don’t give you those same great results.
  • Being a slave to cardio – Cardio is essential, but we lose muscle mass with age, so its important to incorporate strength training too.
  • Exercising in fat-burning zone – Moderate exercising gives you the bare minimal of burning fat whereas, exercising in intervals helps you burn more calories.



Metabolism – How to Increase Your ChitaFit Metabolism