ChitaFit #30Days

I am using the month of May to take my ChitaFit to another level and decrease my fat percentage. When I was working out with my trainer Cornell McClean, he taught me that my body is a machine that needs it’s nutrients to operate. A lot of times we do not eat enough throughout the day and therefore, do not lose weight. 2000 calories is only the bear minimum the body needs to operate not necessarily the goal for everybody to focus on consuming.

I will start with eating 2700 calories and then decrease every week in May by 100 calories. I am doing this so that my body will know that I will not stave it and therefore my body can let me work with my stored fat cells.chitafit30 pix

Week One – 2700 Calories
Week Two – 2600 Calories
Week Three – 2500 Calories
Week Four – 2400 Calories

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